Kids Art - Thursdays (Ages 8 to 12) $105 month

$105 usd
+ available add-ons
Thu Jun 2, 6:00 PM - Thu Aug 25, 7:30 PM (CDT)
BlackBox Music & Arts, 1401 Dezarae #6, San Antonio, TX, Bexar  
Kids Art  - Thursdays (Ages 8 to 12) $105 month

These are classes where aspiring artists come to learn the foundations of art and to develop their skills. Classes focus on developing strong foundations as we focus on improving drawing skills and introduce different media such as pastel, watercolor, pen and ink, acrylic, collage, and mixed media. Each child will work at their own pace and a limited group size allows for some individual instruction and lots of encouragement and guidance based on the student's individual skill level.

$47 annual registration (1x per family) plus tuition. You are NOT enrolled if you do not select $47 registration.
Classes are once a week at the same time per week.

ART TERMS/CONDITIONS POLICY: There are no classes on 5th Weeks unless there is a holiday on the 1st week.

FOUR LESSON PACKAGE: ($105) Four Monthly Lessons (there are no refunds for missed classes). Your seat is guaranteed for 4 lessons in the month. For easy payment set up the autopay in the parent portal. Please review our terms in full prior to registering. If not paid prior to the first of the month (weather or not the student will be attending the first lesson in the month), the student's seat will be released to a student on the waiting list. The $10 late fee must be paid to resume the monthly package status.

HOLIDAYS & TEACHER VACATIONS: 4 Package Invoices will be adjusted for 3 lessons during holidays and vacations.

7-day notice should be provided that the student will not be continuing the following month so we may open the seat to new students or makeups. If no notice is given that the student will not be continuing the following month, a late fee of $10 will be place on the student account and must be paid prior to re-enrolling.

FUTURE PAYMENTS: Classes may be scheduled and paid by invoice or through our parent portal assigned after registration. If you have not yet received a parent portal login, please let me know and I will forward the link. If you are not computer savvy you may contact our admin (Deneatra: 210-748-5599) to place your student on the schedule.

MAKEUPS: One Life Event Makeup per Quarter. The instructor may schedule makeups at his/her discretion, on a 5th week if enough students request a make-up.

MINIMUM ENROLLMENTS OR ATTENDANCE: Class may, on occasion, drop to an enrollment of one student. Should this occur, the class will function as a private 60-minute class until a second student enrolls at which time the class will expand to regularly scheduled hrs. At any time should the class drop back down to a single student the class will again revert back to the 60-minute private lesson. There will be no price reductions or credits.

TEACHER ABSENCE: The teacher may schedule a 5th-week makeup, or a substitute may be provided in case of instructor absence, without notice.

REGISTERING MORE THAN ONE STUDENT: After the first registration, you will get a "Register another person" button. Clicking on that presents you with another registration form already pre-filled and available for you to modify as needed. You can repeat this flow as many times as needed. Do not select $47 registration for any student after the first. You will receive a 10% discount for the class tuition of any student after the first.

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Susan Toler

Visual Artist
BlackBox Music & Arts, 1401 Dezarae #6, San Antonio, TX, Bexar