Hip Hop Mix with Bree - Ages Teen - Adult "Hip Hop/Contemporary Mix"

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Fri. Oct 5, 7:00 PM - Fri. Dec 28, 7:50 PM (CDT)

Fee includes registration and first class.
This class is created for the beginner with limited or no dance experience, or someone who would simply like to get a great workout at a reasonable pace while having fun. In “Hip Hop Mix”, we break down the ABC’s of hip hop dancing so you not only learn how to dance, but also FEEL like a dancer.

We offer basic warm-ups, hip hop steps mixed with some contemporary steps, and a progressive program in which you will be taught choreography to a hot song as we build on it over a 4 week period. If you would like a fun weekly work out, and would like to learn how to dance hip hop but felt hesitant due to shyness or lack of confidence, this is the class for you! So leave your inhibitions at home and step into our friendly “Hip Hop Mix” class!

Breana Patrick

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