Acting with Chyna (Ages 8-12)- Recurring Weekly Classes

$120 usd
+ available add-ons
Wed Jun 6, 6:00 PM - Wed Jun 27, 7:00 PM, 2018 (CDT)

Drama & Creative Acting . A studio based class is full of thrills and excitement! Creative acting is all about expressing ideas, portraying characters in theatre, film, television, and other performing arts media. With this class, we will focus on the fundamentals of acting, introduction to voice diction, movement, blocking, improvisation, ad-libs, personality, and the creative process. Our goal is to help build and develop aspiring actors while having a fun experience.

Each session begins on the first Wednesday of the month. However you may begin at anytime and classes will be prorated accordingly. Please contact the administrative office if you would like to register mid session.

Kat McKenna

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